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Terms and Conditions

The following paragraphs outline our terms and conditions. These include rules and policies relating to the use of our website. We encourage everyone to read this document, and review it on a regular basis.

Please remember that we reserve the right to change our terms and conditions or any of our other policies without prior warning. If this does happen, we will post a message on our home page. However, these messages will only be available for a limited time. Visitors are still bound to these policies whether they are familiar with them or not.

Definition of Terms

The terms clients, customers, and consumers refer to students and others who are interested in patronizing writing services. These terms also include those who have previously used writing services.

Students, audience members, visitors, and followers are used in context to describe anyone visiting for any purpose.

Papers, products, deliverables, documents, and other similar words refer to the completed products that are delivered by writing companies to their consumers.

Reviews are information write ups on academic writing companies. These include those that are written by our staff, our followers, and consumer reviews from other websites.

Use of

We allow use of our website strictly for information and entertainment purposes. Visitors accessing our website for any reason affirm that they are legally entitled to use our website. Further, they also confirm that they will not use our website to commit fraud, harass others, violate any laws, or engage in any other behavior that violates our standards.

All visitors and student reviewers may not copy any of the content from or distribute said content for any reason without our express written consent. This includes content that they have written themselves (see below for more details).

Rules Regarding User Content

We welcome submissions from students, writing professionals, and others. However, we  have established some firm rules regarding user content. First, any content submitted to us becomes our property. We reserve the right to edit it for acceptable use and length. We also reserve the right to distribute that content as we see fit.

Reviews and other content posted here may not be posted on other websites without our permission. If any audience member wishes to submit content that  has been previously posted elsewhere, they must inform us of this, provide links to that content, and provide evidence that they have permission to post the same content in multiple places. This rule also applies to the submitter’s personal blog, website, and social media accounts.

Third Parties And External Links

At any given time, our website may contain links to external websites. These include links to writing services, paid advertisements, and other content. If visitors choose to access other websites via, they do so at their own risk.

We have no control over the content of these websites, nor do we direct their policies. Any warranties that are valid here, are not in any way applicable on any external website. We are not liable for any harm done resulting from visiting these websites, or patronizing any writing services or advertisers.

Responsibilities And Guarantees

The reviews written by our professional reviewers are for informational purposes only. Because writing services can change their policies, procedures, pricing, and other features so quickly, we can assume no liability should any of our audience suffer damages using a service that we recommended. We encourage students and others to conduct their own research in addition to using the information we provide. Students who submit reviews are also released from any liability.

Questions And Comments

If anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions we are happy to hear them. Please contact customer service. They will happily answer any questions, and pass along your comments to the appropriate staff members.