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Privacy Policy

Every team member at Essay Catcher respects your privacy rights. We understand that keeping personal and financial data safe is an important concern. We believe the best way to address this is by creating policies that keep your information safe and secure, and by fully disclosing the ways in which we use your information.

Age Requirements

International laws and regulations have been created in order to provide protections to the youngest members of society. In order to abide by and fully support these, it is our policy that nobody under the age of thirteen be allowed to create an account on our site, engage in any form of communication or transaction, or share any information. If we have reason to believe a member is under thirteen, their account and all personal data will be purged from our system. If we are able to, we will contact a parent or guardian.

Anyone who is over thirteen but under eighteen may use our website and create an account with parental consent. This will be verified at time of sign up.

Information That we Collect

We collect information from people who visit our website, submit content, create accounts, and otherwise do business with us. Here are the details about the information we collect and store, and how we use that information.

Aggregate information: This is non identifying information that we collect in order to improve our website. For example, we use analytics software that tracks the number of visitors using smartphones vs. those who are using desktop computers. There is no identifying information included in these records.

Personal Information: We do collect and store personal information. However, we do not do so unless that information is voluntarily provided to us. All personal information is used solely to conduct necessary business transactions, to provide compensation, and to respond to communications.

Financial information: We do not store financial information on our site. In the event that we need to engage in a financial transaction, we utilize a third party payment solution provider which uses encrypted security.

User Generated Content

We encourage our audience to submit content. Most commonly, we are interested in customer reviews on writing websites as well as comments on those reviews. However, at various times we may also be interested in blog posts, pictures, videos, and other content. Please understand the following before submitting any content to us:

  • Your content becomes our property and subject to public viewing.

  • Our personal data and financial privacy policies do not apply to user submitted content.

  • We screen submitted content to ensure that no private information is indulged, but cannot be held responsible if any personal or financial information is included in user generated content.

External Websites

None of our privacy policies or guarantees are valid if you exit our site and enter any website that is not owned by We provide no guarantees of privacy.

Your Contact Information

We reserve the right to use your contact information to inform you of company events and special offers. However, if you don’t wish to receive such information, please let us know. We will absolutely honor such requests up to and including deleting your account information.

Website Security

We have implemented the latest security patches to our network. We also undergo regular audits to ensure that our website is as safe as is reasonably popular.


Our website uses cookies in order to create a better, more personalized user experience. We do not use cookies to install software without your permission or to collect data in any other ways outside of those described in this document. While you are not obligated to accept cookies, refusing to do so can cause our website to function poorly.