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Our Mission

Honest Reviews Written Just For You

Not long ago, when consumers wanted to purchase products or services, they had to rely on what businesses had to say about themselves. Luckily, things have evolved. First, groups like consumer reports and the BBB were founded to ensure that companies operated ethically, and to give consumers a voice.

Today, there are websites where consumers can write and read product and service reviews on virtually anything. Yelp is just one example. We know that millennials definitely appreciate the option to know what their peers think before they spend their money.

Because of this, we have formed Essay Catcher. Our mission is to provide fair and balanced insights into various academic writing services. We do this by writing and sharing professionally written reviews. In addition to that, we also provide students and other consumers with a forum to weigh in with their own opinions and experiences. We hope that by providing our insights as well as those of seasoned consumers, we are able to help students find the best writing service to meet their needs. Keep reading to learn about what we do.

Our only vested interest is providing consumers with accurate information on the writing services that we encounter. Unlike other review websites, we don’t work with writing companies. We certainly don’t take payment from them either. Our readers trust us to provide them with accurate information and qualified opinions.

Our Review Writing Process at

We have created some standard procedures that our professional reviewers us when writing reviews on internet content services. This ensures that all of the sites we review are held to the same standards, and that we are covering all areas of concern. Our professional reviewers must show us proof that they have followed these established procedures. Here is a brief listing of the steps our reviewers take.

  • Reading customer reviews

  • Exploring the writing service website

  • Interacting with writers and customer service staff

  • Ordering an academic paper

  • Reading web content

  • Evaluating the finished product for accuracy

  • Checking the company’s online reputation

  • Performing a suitable price comparison

We do give our student reviewers much more freedom. However, we do screen these reviews. This isn’t to censor anything. We will happily publish reviews that disagree with our own. We just want to ensure that reviews contain useful information, don’t contain spam, hate speech, threats, or vulgarities. We also screen reviews to ensure that they are original.

We Want to Educate Consumers

We know that most students are not independently wealthy. We understand that you must exercise extreme caution when choosing an academic writing service. We also know that there are additional risks. The last thing we want anyone to do is patronize a company that takes their money or damages their academic reputation. We have spoken with students who have had their college careers put into shambles because they were sold a stolen paper.

We hope that our reviews accomplish two things. First, we want our readers to get all of the information that they need about the quality of that specific writing service. Next, we want to educate students on the qualities of a good writing service vs. the qualities of a bad writing service. This is why we keep our reviews in the same format. It ensures that the important stuff is all covered.

We like to consider ourselves academic writing detectives. We conduct deep research into the companies that review. This includes looking at BBB records, verifying company addresses through Google maps, calling phone numbers, and of course ordering writing services.

If we find any evidence of fraud or other questionable behavior, we will disclose that information in our reviews. We will not remain silent and allow students to be put at risk.