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Consumers who access our review site often wonder about our processes for conducting writing service reviews. Here are their most frequently asked questions – they will probably answer yours too.

  1. What is the purpose of your website?

When consumers are considering products or services to purchase, they often check on companies on review sites before making those decisions. There are large, generalized review sites, like Yelp and SiteJabber, and more specific review sites for that are industry-specific. We decided that consumers of writing services should have solid information about the companies they are considering. We established this site to review writing services, and only writing services.

  1. How do you decide which writing services to review?

We make this decision as a group. Sometimes a customer will contact us and ask about a company they are considering; sometimes a customer has had a great experience or a very poor experience and asks us to review a company; sometimes, we hear “buzz” about a company and decide to review it. We are always looking through the Internet – on social media and other review sites – for comments and feedback on writing services that intrigue us. If you have a company you want reviewed, contact us.

  1. What’s your review process?

The only way to review all companies fairly is to use the same criteria and factors for all of them. We have a list of those factors and we look at each one objectively and then prepare a summary report. We also ask customers of each site for their ratings, and these are published too.

To prepare our summaries, we use the following factors:

  • We read through the entire website, looking for the types of products/services offered, information about its writers, pricing, benefits, etc. We are also keenly interested in the quality of the writing on the website, because that is indicative of the type of writing that will be produced. We look for solid grammar, sentence structure, and word usage, especially for a site that claims to have only native English-speaking writers.
  • We scour the web to find out what other customers have to say about the products and services they have received, and factor those into our overall rating
  • We look at policies and procedures that the service has and the protections that they offer to customers.
  • We order a college-level essay or paper to have first-hand experience from the initial order to receipt and beyond, if necessary. We are able to assess the quality of research and writing, the responsiveness of the customer service department, and the adherence to our instructions and to our deadline.

Once we have gathered all of this information, we pass it on to our visitors/readers.

  1. Can visitors to your site add their own comments?

Yes, we encourage that too. We want as much information about a service as possible, and customers who have used a service have first-hand information that we want to have. There is a “terms and conditions” agreement for use of our site and for commenting guidelines, so anyone wishing to add comments should review that policy.

  1. Do you provide any other services?

Yes, we do. We maintain a blog with all sorts of interesting articles on a variety of topics related to students and to writing. We encourage outside contributors to this blog too. Anyone interested should submit their article for our review. If it meets our standards, we will publish it.

We encourage visitors to navigate through our site, read our reviews before they select a writing service to use, and, if they want, to contribute their feedback.