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Essay Help: What Discerning Customers Should Expect

We write and publish reviews for students who need writing help. Our purpose in doing this is to provide specific details about writing services that students needing essay help may be considering. However, we also have a secondary purpose. We want to create educated consumers who know what they should expect when they buy college essays. This way they are empowered to make decisions driven by information, not sales and marketing tactics.

Here are a few of the areas in which we believe customer education are extremely important:

Identifying Writing Service Red Flags

One of our goals in educating customers who need academic writing assistance is to help them learn to recognize red flags. We do this by explaining our review process and highlighting the fact that we take several steps to verify that each service is legit.

This includes checking BBB records, verifying company location information, and reading consumer reviews on other websites. We also evaluate writing service websites for poorly written content, broken links, and haphazard design. These are all indicators that an academic content provider is not on the up and up.

Understanding The College Essay Help That You Really Need

We want our audience to understand all of the options that are available to them. When they have this knowledge, they are more likely to save money by selecting only the products and services that they need. For example, we try to educate students to recognize that they are going to need help as soon as possible rather than waiting until the last minute. The price difference between a paper due in two weeks and one due in less than eight hours is quite significant.

There are also many circumstances where students don’t need writing services. Instead, they may be able to turn their own papers in on time with a high level of quality by simply ordering proofreading or editing services.

Helping Your College Essay Writer Help You

The students who get the best results out of getting college essay writing help are the ones who treat it as an interactive process. This is why we put a big emphasis on communicating with the writers and customer support agents in our reviews.

The student carries a large amount of responsibility in ensuring that the final product they receive is exactly what they want. The way they can hold up their end of things is to respond to the writer’s questions and requests for clarity, to engage with the writer and ask them for suggestions, and request status updates. The student must also take the initiative to ensure that all of their contact information is up to date, and that they deal with any payment issues quickly.

The Inconvenient Truth About Pricing

At, pricing and discounts receive a lot of attention. However, we try not to focus too much on ‘cheap’. Instead, we are more interested in how writing service prices compare with accepted industry rates. This is why our reviewers will compare prices between similar writing services.

Take the time to read some of our reviews over time. What you will find is that many of the negative reviews are on services who charge very low prices. While students may be tempted by these rates, the inconvenient truth is that rock bottom prices nearly always coincide with poor service and quality.