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Top List of College Resources for Students With Disabilities

Content top list of college resources for students with disabilities

College students who have disabilities are entitle to reasonable accommodations to help them succeed as they pursue their degrees. This is outlined in both the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), and section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973.

If a student has an IEP, 504 plan, has been diagnosed with a disabilit by a medical professional, or is a client of a government agency that serves the disabled they are generally protected under disability laws. Many countries outside of the United States have similar protections and accomodations for the disabled.

There are some colleges for students with learning disabilities such as Beacon College in Florida. However, all colleges and universities must provide disabled students with the resources that they need. In addition to these resources, students can access help from private organizations, and the government as well.

Student disabilities shouldn’t stop anyone from pursuing a higher education. If you are a disabled student or an advocate for someone who is, we hope this list of resources will be helpful to you.

Learning Lab/Writing Center/Student Resource Center

No matter what your school calls it (check with your advisor) this is the place for students with difficulties to receive tutoring, writing help, and other assistance. If you qualify for accomodations such as having tests read to you, you will often be referred to a specialist in your school’s learning lab.


If your disability makes it difficult or impossible to work, you may be qualified to receive a monthly disability check, cash assistance, or Snap AKA food stamps. If your basic needs are met, you can spend more physical and mental energy focusing on school.

Speech to Text Utilities

Students who struggle with writing or typing may benefit from an app or tool that will translate spoken word into written text. There are several mobile apps for this including dragon dictation.

Your Campus Diagnostic Clinic

Unfortunately, there are some students who make it to college with undiagnosed disabilities. If you are struggling to keep up, have difficulty with reading or writing, have difficulty with social skills, or suspect there is something keeping you from succeeding make an appointment at your campus diagnostic clinic. They can give you an assesment, and provide a diagnosis.

Private Tutors Content Providers And Educational Consultants

It would be wonderful if disabled students could receive all of the help they needed using on campus resources and through publicly funded programs. Unfortunately, this isn’t what happens in all cases. Some students have to find ways to access help on their own before they get the help they need, and others are denied help.

Here are some options that students have:

  • Hire another student as a tutor.

  • Pay a private tutoring center for help.

  • Get college essay help from an reputable, online service.

Whether you need help with college essays or assistance with a homework assignment, your best option might be paid resources like the ones listed above.

ADA National Network

The ADA National Network is a series of regional offices across the United States. Students with disabilities can contact their local office with questions and concerns abut their rights under the ADA. They are there to help ensure that students’ rights to an education and access to campus facilities and resources are protected. They also help schools ensure that they are in compliance.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Rather than focusing on eradication of autism or ‘fixing’ autistic individuals, ASAN is focused on neurodiversity. They work with students on the autism spectrum advocate for themselves, navigate the college experience, and ensure that they receive equal access and opportunities. They advocate a new approach to teaching students with disabilities.

Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society

Many disabled students aren’t simply able to keep up with their peers. They have talents and abilities that allow them to achieve great things. The Delta Apha Pi International Honor Society provides high performing students with disabilities both recognition and access to opportunities.

Your Local Club or Organization For Students With Disabilities

Like other underserved communities, students with disabilities often organize in order to advocate for themselves on campus and in the community. They provide amazing opportunities for students to socialize, get active in stumping for disability rights, and to share advice and resource amongst themselves. For example, a student with an expressive language disorder may learn from another student that writing games can help them.

Mobility International USA

  • A Classroom in a Building That Doesn’t Meet ADA Standards

  • A Computer That Cannot be Updated With Accessibility Software

  • An Opportunity to Spend a Semester Abroad Studying That is Lost Due to Accessibility Issues

These are just a few examples of the ways in which someone with a disability might miss out on opportunities because of access issues. This can impact all disabled students, but students with mobility limitations are especially vulnerable.

Mobility International USA advocates for students who want to be able to access opportunities such as travelling and studying abroad. While their focus is on students with mobility issues specifically, they are willing to provide advocacy, advice, and assistance to any disabled student who wants to enhance their education through travel.