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Signs of a Decent Writing Service for Students

Content signs of a decent writing service for students

A Google search for online writing services will bring up millions of results – literally millions. Obviously, for a newbie who has never used a writing service before, this is absolutely overwhelming. How is the world will you find professional writing services that are not scams, that are going to give you high quality original research and writing, and that you will be able to use from now on with confidence.

Here are some important ways you can narrow the field a great deal and have a much better chance of finding a good one:

  1. Contact Information: Professional essay writing services will provide multiple ways for you to contact them and will have live people you can talk to. At a minimum, there should be a phone number and a live chat feature. Skype is even better. Make that phone call and ask questions. Who are their writers? How do they hire their writers? How are writers assigned to student orders? You should be able to get detailed answers to your questions. If they hem and haw and place you “on hold” while they try to find the answers, they do not work for the company. They are part of an answering service. Top writing services have their own in-house customer service reps who are part of their team and who have been trained to provide all the information customers may want.
  2. The Website Content: Read through the content very carefully. Is it written in solid English? If you find examples of poor grammar and composition, usually wrong word usage, missing articles in front of nouns, or bad sentence structure, run away. The site has been developed by ESL individuals. If they really have ENL writers, a most of them claim, one or more of those writers will have written their website content, and it will be in perfect English. A site that does not even take the time to make sure their own writing is excellent will not have the professional writers to do the same for you.
  3. Samples: A good writing service will provide some samples for you to review. If they make you pay to get samples from a writer they assign to you, beware. You should not have to pay to see how a writer performs if that writer is really solid. Read through those samples and make sure that the pieces have a good introduction with a clear thesis statement, well-constructed paragraphs/sections, and a great conclusion. A transparent essay writing website will want you to see samples of its writers’ work, so that you can see the expertise of its writers.
  4. Policies: A professional writing service will have written policies that are published on its site. These will cover the terms and conditions of use, guarantees of your satisfaction, a privacy policy that guarantees your confidentiality, a refund policy, a plagiarism policy with guarantees, and usually a disclaimer. Sites that do not have these policies are not concerned with protecting your rights – a reliable essay service will want to ensure that you know both your rights and responsibilities.
  5. Communication with Your Writer: When a stranger is writing an essay for you, you want to be able to speak with that person. You want to be able to send additional information, to check on progress, to ask questions. The best way to do this is to speak with your writer directly – no need for a middle man. A reputable writing service will allow this communication, because there is nothing to hide here. Agencies that are using foreign writers or that are simply spinning existing pieces of writing from databases don’t have a writer for you to communicate with, and they are trying to hide that fact.
  6. Secure Payment Procedures: the best method of making payment is through major credit/debit cards or PayPal. The company should be using a third-party process that is SSL-certified. This protects your financial information. If you don’t see mention of this, call and ask or read through the privacy policy to make sure that this is their practice.

If you can confirm these six things, you are probably dealing with a writing service that is professional and ethical. You want results for you money – results in the form of pieces of writing that are scholarly, well-researched, and that you can submit in confidence. Don’t settle for any less.