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Top List of College Resources for Students With Disabilities
Content top list of college resources for students with disabilities

College students who have disabilities are entitle to reasonable accommodations to help them succeed as they pursue their degrees. This is outlined in both the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), and section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973.

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How to Format Your College Essay. Complete Guide
Content how to format your college essay

There are two format styles that are the most common for college essays and papers – MLA and APA. Of course, there are some other less-used styles, but they are often in use for graduate studies in very specific research areas. Most college students will use the two most common.

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Signs of a Decent Writing Service for Students
Content signs of a decent writing service for students

A Google search for online writing services will bring up millions of results – literally millions. Obviously, for a newbie who has never used a writing service before, this is absolutely overwhelming. How is the world will you find professional writing services that are not scams, that are going to give you high quality original research and writing, and that you will be able to use from now on with confidence.

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Top 8 Writing Games to Transform Your Creative Thinking Skills
Content top writing games to transform your creative thinking skills

Creative writing is often considered an art, while solid structure, grammar, etc. are considered writing skills. When these two are combined, a writer becomes much more versatile. While lots of academic writing does not involve a lot a creativity, some does. And college application essays require a good bit of creativity too.

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How to Shine With Your College Application Essay
Content how to shine with your college application essay

Most high school students do not know how to write a college application essay for a very simple reason – they have never written one before. And the pressure is on, because sometimes it is only the essay that distinguishes between two candidates that otherwise have the same qualifications.

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